Hiring Remotely


As an employer, to interview the candidate/remote worker, you need to use the available tools to gain as much information as possible to ascertain if that person is right for the role and your company i.e. email, phone and video conferencing for online interviews.

When first contacting the candidates, their initial communications are important. Pay attention to their timeliness, professionalism and if a different time zone, their ability to follow time straits.

Once a decision has been made, as with employing any candidate, due diligence is required by reference checks, also known as pre-employment screening. A background checking service is a valuable way to not only check their employment history, references and timelines, but also criminal. These are the top checks carried out by employers in the UK and worth a check to make sure your next employee is for real.

Top checks employers carry out in the UK
Background screening: Eight key checks employers must make

  • Education and Credential Verification Checks
  • Social Media Screening
  • Reference Checks
  • Right to Work Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • DVLA Checks
  • Public Safety Verifications

Companies moving to hiring remote workers and establishing a virtual/remote workforce is a big jump, but given the current climate in the Covid-19 crisis and the availability and advances in workplace technology, including the potential financial and environmental benefits, it’s definitely worth thinking about the shift.

Bringing remote workers to your company can be a productive next step for your business to succeed. List your vacancy on the Vmote Jobs Board!

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