Necessity Drives a demand for VAs and Remote Workers during Covid-19


The sad fact is that many talented people are going to find themselves out of work. Although this is sad news, it’s a great way for businesses to snap up top talent and hire them as freelancers or Virtual Assistants.  Covid-19 has undoubtedly caused problems that people and businesses need solutions to. In this current pandemic we have seen a flurry of creative innovation, from small businesses adapting to change in demand, i.e. converting clothing companies to make masks, restaurants now making deliveries and training companies moving to online training instead of classroom based. Businesses have to be innovative and agile, this is what the UK really needs during these worrying times. This is where people like you, VAs and Freelancers offering specialist services online, are thriving. Traditional companies that have had to switch to remote operations are turning to freelancers as they find themselves working with tighter budgets and potentially with fewer members of the team following redundancies. All of these factors make freelancers/VAs more attractive to companies to hire as and when needed. Now during Covid-19, businesses have to adapt and think about how they can work remotely and move from offline to online, which is something I have been doing for over 15 years. There are many “Freelancer” Websites out there which allows freelancers to advertise their skills and the price of their services. Employers who are interested in hiring these flexible individuals, are quickly realising, why didn’t they do this sooner, before Covid-19. Businesses are already down-sizing their office space and allowing workers to work from home now and in the future, it makes sense, right? Businesses have started to lay off their employees or closing down completely because of this pandemic and we are teetering on the edge of an economic crisis. So where does this leave Freelancers and VAs we ask?  Well if you are a freelance web designer you are going to be in high demand as more and more businesses need to up their game and have an online presence. Certain services are seeing a high demand and interest, if you can offer freelance services and sell your skills, you might be surprised by the number of opportunities that are out there for you. Companies are looking for a more cost-effective work force. Companies are now turning to freelancers as an alternative to full-time employees. When working with freelancers, companies don’t need to cover benefits like holiday pay, health insurance or retirement contributions. They can continue their businesses with more flexibility by using on-demand freelance help to fill the gaps. So if you are thinking about going down the  freelancing route, not sure if it’s right for you when we are in this uncharted territory, I am no expert on how to navigate you through a pandemic, but here are a few tips that might help you decide becoming a VA or Freelancer: 1.     Flexibility – This applies to your services, clients, rates and time. 2.     Negotiate – You don’t have to work for peanuts, but maybe discount your fee to get the job, you can always increase later when you have more clients           under your belt. 3.     Network – Use your contacts, talk to people, let them know what you are doing and if they know anyone who could use your services. Do LinkedIn and Facebook Groups too! I wish you every success if you decide to go alone, why not sign up for a Vmote course to help you along your way! Author:   Mary Downing

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