Why Go Remote?


Remote working is continuing to grow and both employees and job seekers are finding the benefits out way the negatives. I have listed below some of the reasons why remote working is set to serge in 2020.

As productivity goes, working from home allows workers to have less travel to and from work time, less likely to have sick days and also allows more family time. Even having a family pet by your side when working reduces stress and increased productivity.  

Employee Retention
Workers working remotely are less likely to leave the company for other employment. 

Employers Cost Reduction
When companies employ remote workers, employers reduce or even eliminate overhead costs which may include reduced office rent by downsizing, operating expenses, employee expenses to even less time on coffee breaks and chit chats in the staff room. As long as the job gets done, the company saves money and it’s a win win!

More Mature Workers Benefit
Working remotely can benefit all age groups, as long as digital skills are kept up to date. It’s easy to fall behind when it comes to technology, so its important to have the right attitude to life long learning. This way, remote workers can keep on working well in to their older years!

Vmote Learning Platform
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